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Guy Bouchard

Guy Bouchard, Founder

Guy Bouchard was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1983. His investment career began at the age of 21 when he partnered with a high school friend to purchase their first property in Mission, BC in 2004. Since then, Guy has been involved in the Real Estate industry in many different ways. He purchased several more properties over the next 10 years, however, most of his time was spent starting, and building, his successful welding company, Major Welding, that began in 2006. He continues to build that business but it has never stopped him from continuing to pursue his passion in Real Estate. Continuing to take training, staying up with market trends and spending time around some of the most successful and influential people in the industry, enabled Guy to always keep his eye on the ball. He is revolutionizing the welding industry with his visionary strengths and creative methods. And although he has very big plans for Major Welding, he fully understands that, to build a strong financial portfolio, it must include real estate.

Major Welding, Hand Picked Professionals

Major Welding has been built from the ground up to be the leader in the provision of professional mobile welding services. This commitment to exemplary customer service all starts with our team. Each team member has been handpicked as the best of the best and we are continually adding to our roster to ensure Major Welding Continues to lead rather than follow.

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